Monday, 14 May 2012

weekend, no sewing?

I had a very busy weekend, so no sewing got done. But some sowing was planned. And planting. An amazing weekend down at the Spring Garden Show in Malvern, where I bought more than I should, and less than I wanted, I will take photos soon, and put any half good ones up.

And what news today? Fluffy sheep has opened a shop! She already has delicious fabrics in- but I am currently banned from buying- next time I am in need I will head over there, to look. And she will have Aurifil thread. I am keen to try this. I just need the right project.
Meantime- please go look , Cindy couldn't be more helpful, and deserves some custom!
She is based in Eire, but do not panic! there is a dinky little tab at the top Right hand corner, you can buy in Euros, or stirling or dollars. So she is trying to accommodate all of us as well as she can!
Neat idea!

1 comment:

Janine said...

I look forward to seeing your garden. It's such a difficult time of year to get sewing done when there's so much to do outside!

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