Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Coals to Newcastle

Whilst up in Stirling, staying with my daughter, I purloined scraps of fabric from her, and started hand stitching a pincushion. I also purloined the paper and EPP'd it, using diamond shapes. I just got very frustrated with having nothing constructive to do, for a couple of evenings.
However, we weren't there quite long enough for me to finish it, so I brought it home with me, with a promise to complete it, and send it back.

And now it is complete, (I watched some rubbish on TV- well listened to) and stuffed and the buttons sewn on. It is a twin humoured pincushion, so she can choose her humour!

Just do not look too closely at my hand sewing!

I am just very quietly mentioning, while I am there, Kiki is having a mega giveaway, she has been having a clear out, and there is a lot of stuff being given to one person- to whom? maybe you, if you go enter?


Di said...

Nice pin cushion. It is hated not to sew isn't it. Di x

Diane-crewe said...

fun little project... going to make some more? or was one enough? Hope she can remember which side is which!! I always forget with these sorts of things x lol xx

Second Chance Tan said...

wow hand sewing, you must have lots more patience than me x

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