Sunday, 15 July 2012

more butterfly

 Brooch backs are really not that expensive, I go to a funny little fabric and craft shop in a small local town, and she tends to have something you want any time you go in. So a dozen brooch backs are not too costly, and judicious use of a hot glue gun ( would this work for the frame purse? Possibly not, as the glue goes off too quickly), and you have a brooch.

I think this will make an acceptable extra? and my partner can always dispose of it if it is surplus to requirement!

I can see myself making more of these, and various other variations come to mind!

This brooch pin is secured with a fabric band stitched to backing, and then glued to stop it slipping- hot glue guns are wonderful-

And it sits up proud, a bit like a real butterfly!

The other one I glued directly onto  the butterfly, so this feels less secure to me. I don't think it really is less secure, but feels it!

 I think this is the better version to go on this bag, I am sure I will find another home for the other one!The back of this has the pin attached with some fabric. I think this is because some of the colours in the lower wing echo the bag fabric.


Amys Crafty Shenanigans said...

GORGEOUS!!! I love the 'grass' and the butterfly added to the purse is GENIOUS!!! It is a lovely lovely project :)

Isisjem said...

Great idea! If you didn't want to use glue you can sew these kinds of backs on to fabric projects too!

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