Wednesday, 4 July 2012

new blocks

 The skill builder series of blocks is over. Finished. Stopped. I am both sad to see them gone, and relieved to have the series over. This butterfly is the last of the series, and included curves, and Y seams, so not the easiest block of them all, but a very pretty result.
 And the world doesn't stand still for long, and I am involved in this slightly mad 'Around the world' bee, and I have made my first block to go with someone elses!On this occasion, the someone else happens to be my daughter, so I have made a 'violets' block, to go with her theme. She wants local native flowers, local to the makers area that is, on a neutrally background. Black, grey, cream or white, which allows a certain licence as to how one does it. She isn't concerned with how the instructions are interpreted, as long as she gets a flower!
I hope she likes my block, she will see it when she gets home from work! She also requested, the name of the flower on the block, and a signature block to go with it! I haven't done that bit yet.

I spent the weekend away, with a very dear friend, helping her at a fundraiser craft stall, in aid of her son's school. First she said she had very little stuff to sell, and when we got there she had two tables to fill. We quickly realised that three tables at least were required, and borrowed another table, but still didn't manage to put everything out. Most of the stuff was made either by her son, or by his schoolmates. All of them have some degree of learning disability, and some of them have significant motor problems too. I was very impressed by the generosity of the buyers, and we raised more than I would have expected!

I came home again on Sunday evening, just in time to eat with my daughter, and organise myself to be able to go to work on Monday! A lovely weekend of sewing, chatting and selling the goods. Nothing beats time spent with good friends and family!

Now I have to go and redevelop some frame purse ideas! Don't hold your breath!


Isisjem said...

Violets are one of my favourite flowers and I love your block!!

Di said...

Those blocks are skillful. Hats off to you! Di x

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