Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Kindle cover, Mark 1

 Well, we gave in and bought a kindle. We were buying one for the elder daughter- a sort of 'well done for getting your degree' sort of thing- and we are avid readers, so had thought it made sense to have a kindle, as half the weight of luggage on holiday is books, and so- my other half just did it!
And you look at it, all pristine and new, and do not want it to get damaged. So, a cover is in order.
And, having bought one for the daughter, she will also need a cover. So it was agreed, I will make a cover for her, and she will make a cover for me. But, our kindles are different. She has the posh one with a keyboard, we have the basic version.

And, if I am making one for her, I need to get some practise in first, don't I?
 And she is also going to need a practise?
So she has crocheted a basic cover, and sewn a posher one for her kindle, you may see these here. And I have just made one for our kindle. Which is to be shared, by me and OH. So, not too girly, I hope...

I had a good look around the web, and nothing there quite did what I wanted, so there is nothing for it but to start from scratch. I did not want elastic holding it in place, and I did want a zip pocket for its lead. A zip fastener could scratch the kindle screen, so the zip needs to be covered, so a flap is wanted.
If I am not using elastic, I will need a slip in pocket, but I want to leave the kindle in the case while I use it.So a 'mask' has to be made leaving appropriate holes to use the keys, at side and bottom of kindle.

Some scribbled notes, and a kindle drawn on cardboard, and a bit of thinking, and then stash inspection, and some fabric choices, and we are off!

Pocket fabrics and zip, great tutorial from Sewmamasew, for internal zip pockets, which I have used several times- don't really need it now, but it is reassuring to have open,

A couple of hours later, I have a kindle cosy, hopefully not too feminine, with concealed zip pocket for the cable,
 The neat binding is tuted by 52 quilts in 52 weeks. I loved it, and it wasn't difficult!

and a button closure- because I forgot to organise my magnetic fastener at the right time!

If anyone asks for a tutorial, I will put one together, but I suspect you are all as capable of inventing this as I am!


Catherine said...

what a fantastic cover: well done it looks amazing. I made a sleeve for my kindle (no way I was going to pay for one!) and was really pleased with how it turned out


Splendid, I am required to make a basic zippy pouch with a picture of the Cheshire cat sitting on a book shelf - from Jasper Fforde one of our favourite authors :) for my husbands new kindle touch........

Di said...

Great kindle cover. It is nice that you have made one just as you want it and not have a shop bought one. Di x

Nicky said...

Well done - wonder what mark II will be like!?

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