Saturday, 21 July 2012


 Have you ever had this happen to you? The little lever that snaps the blade back into shelter has broken off.
My daughter was just putting together a signature block when, ping, the lever broke off. I suppose these things do not last forever, and I suspect this cutter is over twenty years old, but still!
 I have a different make, but this cutter gives such a satisfactory click as it hides the blade away, and my friends lovely son, who has sewn with me for about three years, very quickly grasped the safety aspects of this, despite being severely autistic. He was very particular about the blade being safely stowed away each time it was used. He might threaten to burn my fingers with the iron, but that blade? away!

 Today we found an invader in my 'pop up fruit cage' It is the second one, and I think it must have emerged in there - I do not think it got in there under it's own steam.

It was playing hard to get as far as photographs were concerned, and in the end we decided to release it, so I carefully captured it in my hands, and, daughter at the ready with the camera, slowly opened up.
The butterfly decided it liked the warmth of my hand and quietly sat and posed for its portrait to be taken. 

It is a comma, and sat for several minutes just enjoying the attention. Then the battery on the camera ran out, DD said, I will have to get the spare, and comma decided that it was time to go!

 This little cyclamen is slightly ahead of itself, flowering just a few weeks early,

and a bud about to break beside it.

and these rudbeckia continuing on from last year.


and there is a path under that ladies mantle!

And Genny, decided that, beautiful as she knows she is, she is not posing for the camera. She is not a butterfly, and is quite disdainful of the process!


Isisjem said...

I have the same rotary cutter and despite having it for a good few years I only broke it out of the packet in the last two years or so. No idea how long rotary cutters like this last. I used to have problems with my blade retracting itself at will - Truth be told I was a little scared of rotary cutting so when my Mum bought me a mat and cutter set I hid it under the bed for years lol

Lovely buttefly pictures!

Pieces to Love said...

I have a similar cutter. except mine has a little orange button on the side that sticks out when the blade is engaged. Mine must be a few years newer than yours. You are lucky they still make that exact same style and they are pretty inexpensive. I have even seen them at walmart.

Catherine said...

my rotary cutter is identical, and about 15 years old:don't know what i would do if it gave up on me!


Hurrah for nature and disdainfull cats ith personality. My cyclamen are in full blood but they are indoors, well the white is and the re is pulling up the rear!

Barb and Sharon said...

I think that is why I like cats, they are a little more aristocratic than the dog which is presently on my lap because she hears thunder. :)

Michelle said...

I've gone through so many of those rotary cutters I've lost track -- never broke off that piece, though!

Kelly said...

Ahh for the rotary cutter! Beautiful pics of the garden :)

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