Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A new Block

I am involved with the 'Around the World' quilt bee, and have now managed to get myself organised and made a block for another member. I had a lot of trouble deciding what to make, and ended up, as one might, looking at Quilter's Cache  where there are myriads of blocks. I found a block which I did not use, but sort of varied it, to make my own new block. I am sure it is not a uniqur creation, because it is so simple, but I promise, I did reinvent the wheel here. It is All My Own Work.
Now these colours are not what I would normally put together, but I felt they worked with the other two blocks that have been made.
 My block which, due to Leila's tuition on the skill builder, I was confident to execute!
So, I will be interested to hear what the recipient feels! She will not receive this for many months, as I have to pack it up and post it to the next one on the loop! If she hates the photo, I will have to try a different one for her, but, I am hopeful!

Now, I have a to do list. So, I would like to join with Rhonda and try to do a Finish-a-long
here is my To Do list. I am not sure how much of this will be do-able, or count... but heres to trying

1.    Bookbag- Alex
2.    Cover for notebook-kitty
3.    Kindle cover, Kitty
4.    Kindle cover, me
5. quilt to put together from Skill builder blocks. 
6. use those lovely charm packs I have! 
7. the pretty Japanese fabrics need making into a pretty quilt!
8. do tutorial for Augusts Stash block!aaah important!

Is this enough to be going on with? If I had been quicker off the mark I could have put my frame purse on the list, but it is already ready, unless it's recipient declares she doesn't like it! In which case it will be back to the drawing board!


Cayt said...

I like the block! Stays with the spirit of the others but is a bit different, too.

I've made a kindle cosy for myself; it's on the blog. I'll improve on the design when I make yours.

Collette said...

this is a great block! love it x

Kelly said...

Love all those blocks!


More than enough. Sad I missed the next mouthy swap but really may and June are a black hole for me. Make sure I am up on the next one please. I have to make a kindle cover for dh and want to make some trousers for me. Currently working on trying to reduce my mass as spiralling out of control :( hopefully craft mojo is just round the corner :)

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