Monday, 9 July 2012


 Look what came through my door today!  The lovely Laura of Quokka quilts had a giveaway, not long ago, and I was the lucky winner. I have a wonderful charm pack of 'Lately arrived from London'. These would not suit certain folk, as they are very much in the brown spectrum, but I promise you, they are yummy! They cross the hues range from very pale and creamy, through several darkening shades, to a rich brown and into the reds. Some of them are duplicated, others are not, and I am going to have the hardest time convincing myself to split open the pack and get them into a project.
I was like that with Easter eggs as a child. I hoarded them, as long as the pretty foil was unspoiled they were just for looking at, and could be gloated over! this pack is definitely for gloating!

So, thank you so much Laura, I am very glad to have these!  and all the way fromAustralia! you are very kind.

I am still saying 'wheeee' to myself with such a stupid smile on my face... you wouldn't believe!

Now, a bloggy friend of mine has a miniature blog, which she is trying very hard to grow a bit. So she is doing a mega giveaway! The prizes on offer are

cushion/pillow cover, xmas stocking, machine companion, sewing companion, fancy pins , ribbon , fat eighths ,

So go over to see her instantly- the bigger the following she can get, the more prizes she is including! mad as a whatever!

So go visit Rachel-( no not me, you can come back and see me again later)- and sign up and give her a little lift! The comment form is down on July 7th, you will probably need to scroll down to it, but at present there are only 6 comments, so I am in with a chance!

Edited to add, I am linking with sewhappy geek today, for manic Monday!

I am also thinking, I will try to do a Finish-a -long with Quilter in the gap. I have some left over projects- some not started, let alone finished! Will it help get them going?

Maybe tomorrow!


Laura said...

Yay! You got a great photo of the card too - I can never do good indoor photos! It must be a homing charm pack - or rename it Lately arrived from Australia :)

Catherine said...

what a great prize! Off to visit Rachel right now


Hello. I have finally emerged from the marking, tutioring 16.5 hour day hell (yes really for 6 weeks) collapsed (unsurprisingly) for 2 weeks and am catching up with my bloggy friends while I wait for my crafting mojo to return :( congrats on the prize, always lovely to receive things :)

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