Friday, 27 July 2012

Friday, garden riches. NO insects.

 The contrast between the day-lilies and the crocosmia is better in real life. That crocosmia is 'Lucifer' if you know that one. About 5' tall, and richly red. And the hemerocallis is a dark bricky red, so they enrich each other.

And this peachy one is nearby.

I have forgotten what these blue spikes are called, but they make a lovely foil for the pink 'silver wedding' rose.

 We have the smallest golden courgettes in the world, but they are growing!

 and these are squash. I do hope they get big enough to eat!
 This fuschia is 'Lady Boothby'- advertised as 'climbing, but they just mean tall!

More Lucifer growing through 'Lily Marlene' rose. A gorgeous colour, but almost no scent.

 Boy, does Lucifer get everywhere in my garden! That is because I pulled (most of) it out of the front and spread it round the back...
 There is a delicate pink shading to this white geranium,

and this fuschia was supposed to be dead ( as in, I supposed it was dead) but it had other ideas and is merrily flowering on a waste pile! Amongst the weeds!


Cayt said...

Beautiful flowers. I love seeing the garden.

Diane-crewe said...

next to sewing gardens have to be on the favorite list xx

Sarah said...

Oh I love crocosmia and day lilies too - used to have some in the garden when I wasn't working (we are now minimal attention gardeners which works given our schedules but makes the garden look dull by comparison to how it used to). I could just drink in all that depth of colour!


Lucky you, my garden has been a slug massacre this year - think I'll go back to pots next year worked so much better! Did well for foxgloves and my baby buddleigh is just starting to flower too :)

Collette said...

gorgeous flowers! love your garden! I had some courgettes once which flowered beautifully but didn't do much else :(

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