Thursday, 26 July 2012

It arrived at my partners!

I posted a parcel, yesterday.I had some wrapping paper, but as I know my partner will be doing some 'interesting' block making shortly, I thought, I could give her an interesting trim, rather than just 'normal' parcel ribbon. so I tied her parcel, with this rainbow organza ribbon.

Now, you know what was inside,

 There was this frame purse. And the little butterfly brooch which was attached on the outside. And, thank goodness, my partner seems to like the purse. Phew! As she hadn't commented I was rather nervous!

The instructions dictated that there had to be a little something for the inside. But I was not sure what. So my initial thought was 'machine needles'.  As a sewer, these have to be useful, and welcomed. So a couple of packs lurked inside the purse. But I had a thought about a little something, which I really really wanted to make. But I needed an excuse. Sorry, Partner, you were my excuse. So I made this,

Oh, I forgot, you can't see through the wrapper. And yes there are some other ribbons there for her to use, Because they are pretty!

Now, I said at the time this was for someone special, so here it is again,

A little etui, in pretty fabrics.

My daughter does occasional swaps of what are called, 'Crappy Day presents'

And I thought, this lovely lady has had one or two less than wonderful days lately, so, let us try to put a smile on her face, So this fitted into the purse neatly.

And no 'Crappy Day present' is complete without chocolate- so a small amount of chocolate went into the parcel too!

And Then I made her a card. It is a dead simple card, and I made several at the same time- I forgot to take a photo of her one, but this is similar. Quick and fun, I think!
And I only posted yesterday, but she received it today! Yeay! and I am so glad she was my partner!


Diane-crewe said...

such pretty colours ... that we can see!

moira said...

I am the incredibly lucky lady who received all these lovelies and they are even more beautiful in real life. AND I have stuff to make that crazy block with! I can't thank you enough Rachel xx

Di said...

So glad that your lovely purse went to a lovely recipient. Di x

Isisjem said...

This is so exciting! You'll be getting your purse soon too I'm sure. I posted off yesterday so am excited about my purse arriving at it's destination too!

Quilter in the Gap said...

Yay! So glad your partner received her bag and likes it! This swap was fun!

Catherine said...

Ah you made for Moira! What a lovely package you sent her, can't wait to see who made what for who!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Lucky Moira! I'm so glad you're enjoying the swap!

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