Saturday, 8 September 2012

A quick plea!

We have just launched our website, no, not anything remotely sewing, I am sorry.
Please would you all go and take a look, and come back to me with comments and criticisms! Yes, I want you to like it, but I need genuine feedback, on what you feel could be better done.

We are independent, and a little quirky- what else would you expect- and all the photos on the site are genuine, they belong to us, and we have had permission from all participants to use these shots.

So, whether it is a lampost growing out of someones head, or something really badly worded, or perhaps if you feel it does the job, please come back and tell me!

It is here.

Oh, what job did I want it to do?

Just tell folk that we exist, and are modern enough to be on the internet, and friendly enough for folk to come in and see us if they wish.
I am not trying to drum up loads of new business, as I am pretty fully booked, but neither do I want to frighten folk off!

thank you for your help!


Oh and if you do feel that it is entirely innappropriate that I should ask this of you- do tell me that as well, I am not trying to upset anyone!


moira said...

I think it's preety cool, Rachel

Barb and Sharon said...

Hi Rachel,

I read over the website and everything looks good. I like that every link works when you touch it. Very nice. (I liked the history of the building and the practise - that explains the name)

Di said...

The website is clean and clear. Importantly you have the phone number at the top of every link. I hope that it brings in business for you. Di x

Second Chance Tan said...

I like the photos which use real patients - and the personal touch in the information about each of you (although I think you should confess to being a quilt-a-holic.... and being addicted to Flickr!!). I think the bright colours are easy and clear for people to read which is good (especially as they may need glasses - hee hee) xxx

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