Thursday, 6 September 2012

September is galloping away!

 September is Annaliese's month for the Stash Bee. She has chosen a sort of log cabin/ courthouse steps spin off, to give opposite corners of colour. When assembled with a crowd of fellow blocks there are a lot of possibilities. This should be a lovely quilt top when Annaliese puts them all together.
It was not difficult, and I did not get the stitch ripper out at all. I have left them oversized, so Annaliese can play a little with these.
 I used the same scrap sets for both, though in different orders, and I hope she will be pleased.

Our hive in the Stash Bee also has three openings if anyone is interested. We have had some interesting blocks so far, most stuff is taken from stash, with just one or two solids being specified.
Do feel free to come on in and join us!

If you are interested, email

We are waiting for you, eagerly. We don't bite. Promise!   Or, only a little nibble...

Warning images not for the sensitive appear on this post! Feet alert!

 I spent Wednesday assisting a daughter in her moving. It is always a stressful time, changing accommodation, and changing town, and sometimes dealing with parents is also stressful, no matter how much you want them there!
And when your mother insists on twisting her ankle in a hole in the floorboards, and grazing her knee, like the average two year old- well that is stressful too!
Just as well I had taken today off work to recover. Luckily the ankle is not the one I use for the control pedal on my sewing machine!

Grazed knees are surprisingly sore!

I was very polite and said something quite tame like, 'aaargh. botheration!' and sat on the floor for about ten minutes while I decided if I could get up. But the cleaning and sorting wouldn't wait, so up I got, with a cup of tea and a painkiller. DD1 had defrosted the fridge, so I couldn't even get ice on it!

And we got her moved, with a very interesting carful drive ( no, not a spelling mistake, though I was careful as well) with the car so stuffed that my husband in the back was quite invisible. Now that is some trick for a 17 stone+ man!  I had to drive, and the car was poorly responsive with the weight, but we got there in good order.

The new house is lovely. A bigger kitchen has pleased my daughter, who has cooked in a cubby hole for 3 1/2 years. And the place looks and feels CLEAN! I do hope they can keep it feeling fresh and comfortable, as it lets you have so much more energy, when the place is clear. 

Part way home my other daughter rang. She was on TV! along with everyone else in her year, of course,this was because they have a man in their year, which is very unusual. The papers are referring to him as a trainee 'manny'. If you see the picture which is around various bits of the internet, you will notice his uniform is a little different from the girls'.

One version is here . My daughter looks most unlike herself, at the front right.

 I also caught up with a block for my Round the world bee, One of the girls wanted a Christmas themed block, so I came up with this wonky block. It is a little darker than most of the blocks, so I hope she will like it.
Here are the blocks so far, it will be a little while before this one can move along as DD2 also has a block to make. And she needs to find her feet down in Bath before it will be possible. So it sits tight for a short while with me.


Pieces to Love said...

I hope you mend quickly.

Barb and Sharon said...

So sorry about your knee and ankle. Moving is dangerous work! Glad you can still sew. :)

cheeky monkey said...

I really hope you foot did not hurt to much when sewing my block. It is lovely! Thank you so much :(

Reene@Nellie's Niceties said...

Ouch! At least you can still use your sewing machine, small blessings :-)

Isisjem said...

Ouchy! Hope you're all recovered soon!

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