Saturday, 15 September 2012

I have a visitor!

 I wasn't expecting a visitor, really. I had said, if he came, he would be made welcome, but I had forgotten all about him! And then he turns up on my doorstep!
It is FUNC! For the uninitiated, that is, the 'fugly-ugly needle case'. he is a traveller, and brought some goodies with him to assist his welcome. He has had a previous incarnation, but decided a new outfit was desirable, and now parades like this!

He is now a zippy pouch, and travels with his own autograph book. he will reside for a short spell with me- I get a silly grin on my face when I think about him!- and then he will go on his travels again.
So, if at some time in the future, you find FUNC on your doorstep, please, make him welcome, look after his needs, sign his book, and then send him on his way, with your blessing. And, perhaps, a little something to sweeten his welcome at his next stop!

You can check out his previous outfit, and his travels thus far with Quilter in the Gap. He has travelled well, and is currently gathering strength for his next expedition! I wonder where he will choose to go!

 And while he is here, he seems to have made friends.  He and Ginger are getting along really well. You see, there are sweeties in the case! I suspect Ginger has a sweet tooth!

and these goodies came too!

So think of us, three of us playing with sewing, and Ginger munching sweeties, Func advising my next project!

FUNC Was Here

Sneaky peek?

 Make of these, what you will!


cheeky monkey said...

ha ha, I did not know he is still travelling *gg* What do you feed him? Treat him well and be kind ;)

Isisjem said...

Oh how funny! I remember reading about the first FUNC that went AWOL! I'm glad ginger gave it a very warm welcome. Well you'd have to really!

Di said...

I wondered where the FUNC had got too! Now we know! Di x

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

HAHAHA that is hilarious!!

Fabraholic said...

What fun! Hope he will see a bit more of the world :-)

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