Monday, 3 September 2012

September is hip! and more...

Judith, our lovely bee mamma for September, gave us a new and funky block to make. She sent a wonderful package of scraps, all colour co-ordinated, and strips of grey and white. The wonky braid was more tricky than I expected, as I lack a true wonk in my sewing. Too much time trying to get perfect results when costume and clothes are being made, perhaps. I love the way the grey and white set off and formalise the wonky braid. It seems we have all been inspired as we are only three days into September, and seven of the blocks are done already!

Just a signature now, and I can post this off.

On other news, I have had a hectic weekend, and therefore not kept up with blog reading or comments at all. I shall catch up, though may lose a week, as we are still a bit hectic!
Why though?

My daughters face may tell you a little.
On Thursday last week we travelled down to Worcestershire, and trailed into Bath on Friday, to collect uniform! We went on the park and ride, with friends, and spent the morning going round no 1 the Royal Crescent. They have restored a Georgian house, and have lovely guides in each room, to tell us the details. Indeed, the details were sufficient that when a somewhat overly aromatic gentleman of the road passed by, we promptly referred to him as Georgian. Bathing, it seems, was not high on their priorities.
In the afternoon we walked down to the college, leaving our friends to explore the shops, and collected the uniform. One Suit bag, containing dresses and coat, and two cardboard boxes with everything else. And not too lightweight either!

So the evening was spent sewing on labels, as this monkey will be sharing a house with four other girls, all with identical uniforms.
I was speaking to an ex Norlander today, and she was surprised that DD2 had a collar. They did not get issued with collars until their second year. these white collars are buttoned onto the dress, which has a stand up collar.

The petersham bow also had to be attached. After various trials, we decided to sew a safety pin through the middle of the back, and pin it like a brooch.
And the hat must be worn straight, and barely above the eyebrows, and the only jewelry permitted will be small pearl stud earings.

She looks happy though!

So, Saturday I took her back to Bath, and we dropped her, with all her gubbins, at the house, where she will live for the next year.

When we took all her stuff in, the landlady looked horrified, and asked would she get it all in! Of course! and by the time she had unpacked clothes and started to put books on shelves, you could see some floor again. So she is established there until August next year. And yes, I will miss her. And, yes, she is definitely ready to spread the wings a little, and fly.

And tomorrow we are off again, to do some more moving and cleaning! Next youngster is on the move, and I am looking forward to going up and having my hug from her!


Reene@Nellie's Niceties said...

Great block!
Your daughter looks fab in her uniform :)

Di said...

Your block is fab. It is a fun block to make. Your daughter looks very smart in her uniform. I hope it goes well. Di x

Catherine said...

Wow, she looks fabulous in her uniform! Love Judes block-it's fun to do isn't it

Archie the wonder dog said...

She looks so happy (and smart!) in her uniform! Great block!

Janine said...

Great block - I think wonky is harder to do than not wonky. And your daughter looks lovely :)

Sarah said...

Oh you got some gorgeous purples to work with there - great block! DD2 looks like she's very happy to be heading into pastures new.

Kelly said...

Great block!
Your daughter looks awfully smart in her uniform :)

Second Chance Tan said...

Fabulous block..... Wow, you have a lot of change going on at the moment, your daughter looks great - you must be very proud, I hope you don't miss her too much xx

Isisjem said...

Great block - I find that if I'm trying to make something wonky it'll go straight and vice versa!

That's quite a uniform - and your daughter looks very happy in it. Does she mind wearing it though? Try not to miss her too much x

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