Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Crochet fun

I have had a lovely day.
To start with, I made cookies. Chocolate cookies. With chocolate chips in. Is there a better smell at 8.30am than fresh chocolate cookies. I am not quite convinced.
This is all that are left. There will not even be that by tomorrow. Hmm. They shall all go to waist. But whose waist? there is the rub.

Then, I knew I was seeing a good friend. The arrangement had been awaiting fruition for, well a while! it was supposed to happen, and then there was good reason it couldn't, rearranged, and Hey, today it did happen. So, as I knew there would be a certain someone who likes her food, it seemed appropriate to take a few chocolate cookies, and try to get into her good books! After all, I might like to be allowed to go and take up Mummy's time again, one day.  And if we were good, we might be allowed a cookie too...

So, a quick check that all was well, and I went to see the lovely Lucy, who is even nicer face to face than she seems on her blog. I have yet to meet her small son, but I can promise you, small daughter is gorgeous. Sweet and charming and a decided monkey. Perfect for the age and stage. I had forgotten how much I like small children, but she reminded me perfectly. I love how the world is a magic place to a wee one.
And as I knew we were practising crochet, I felt it made sense to go prepared. Basic need, one crochet hook for me, one crochet hook for Lucy, and a ball of yarn each. But, it is so much more fun with a place to keep the bits and bobs?  A few examples are around on the web, and I didn't follow anything exactly, but this is very similar to the one here. I just changed it a bit here and there. I chose cheery colours, because I know Lucy is a cheerful lady, and I didn't want to put anything too pale on the outside, as it could get grubby. Yes, I have had children too!
 This pretty rainbow fabric was one I didn't need to buy, but somehow, it refused to let me go home without it. It told me, quite firmly, that I would need it, even though I didn't then know, for what. So about a year ago, it crept home with me, and then when I was looking through my stash, it just leapt out for this project. And I had the perfect ribbon to do the closure with. The inner fabrics are, purloined from a daughter, and out of my stash, and so the little roll was put together. Crochet hooks just slot into place, and there is a wider pocket to allow for other necessities.
 The flap should help to prevent the hooks disappearing when the roll is rolled up!

And I took advice on what to practise with. Pretty colours of an easy yarn, that will not split too easily, and feels good to handle, and we were all set
 The yarn is by Rowan, but I cannot recall which yarn it is.

I feel quite inclined to get some more for myself, it was lovely and smooth as it pulled through the fingers.

And I did a simple finish on the binding, my daughter will be pleased to hear, the bias binding tool has been used for this. It is surprisingly easy to use. Also surprisingly easy to get just slightly wrong, too, but easy to then put right again.
Rainbow thread from King Tut echoes the fabric.
Lucy only needed a little reminder of the crochet- she has done it before- and was very quick to pick up and run with it. I think it was just having someone there to actually make it happen, that was wanted.

Proof, that with a little daughterly assistance, crochet is even easier!

and a result!


Deborah said...

It was so fun to read this post...yummy cookies, wonderful crochet pouch and a cute picture of Lucy!

Second Chance Tan said...

ah what a lovely day..... great crochet wallet, and I agree about the smell of cookies - yum x

Isisjem said...

Mmmm I am imagining the smell of cookies. Wish I could have come along too because learning to crochet is on my to-do list!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

It was fabulous and thank you again :)
Those cookies were yummy!! xx

Fabraholic said...

I would have loved to be there with the two of you (+ kiddies of course.
I made my first granny square yesterday as well :-)

Cayt said...

Cotton Glace.

Looks fun!

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