Friday, 21 September 2012

last minute fun

Ok, instead of going straight home last night, I had an unexpected invitation- to BRB Swan Lake! and I went. Sadly someone's Mum was taken into ITU, and so they couldn't use their ticket- I got the offer, and off I went!
The production was lovely, bits and pieces from it keep popping into my head randomly- gorgeous medieval feel to the costumes- the costumes! weyhey- I want to make them! Rothbart was really evil, Odette/Odile was dainty and lovely, Act 3, the swans materialised out of the mist in an ethereal way, with the mist spilling over the edge of the stage, into the orchestra. The patterns they made, so clearly defined. And the music sending shivers over me...
image borrowed from their images, so worth seeing!

No I didn't enjoy it one scrap. Make me suffer like that again please!

So I abandoned DH to himself and he made cakes!
So, in the kitchen we have
2 chocolate cakes,
2 carrot cakes
1 gingerbread
1ginger cake
1 fruit cake
1 Victoria sandwich
1 lemon drizzle cake.
I can only lay claim to having made 4 of these, he has done  the rest.

Also present
Coconut buns
5 loaves of bread, and various sandwich fillings.

After work tomorrow they all get loaded into the car, and taken off to provide tea for 6 Morris sides. All I have to do when I get there, is make sandwiches for 70, and put icing on carrot cakes, sandwich the Victoria, and put it all out for them to help themselves. 

So, until that is over, I cannot get into stalking my mouthy stitchy partner! Yes, I know who you are now!

And I am already doing a little planning- but I have costumes to make, before I get on with, and a practice piece to produce as well!

And, by the by, Fluffy sheep is having a giveaway- so do not go and visit! Do not leave her comments, and do not tell anyone else about it!

All this Oh Deer is in her shop, and 4 FQs are on offer. So look away, and resist!

1 comment:

Diane-crewe said...

sounds like a wonderful way to spend your evening xx
You ONLY have to make 70 lots of sandwiches and ice a cake.... so why have you no time for anything else??!!!

Have fun xx

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