Monday, 10 September 2012

Mouthy stitches, part, the second

Actually as a reference to getting in on this swap that title really works! Well, what does the average sane and responsible fully grown woman do, when she gets in from a morning at work? yup, that is right, she dives onto the computer, without even greeting her ever loving DH, and without even putting the kettle on, let alone having lunch, and sees that the signups are open! seventeen seconds ago! and there are already names down! aaaaargh! the thought that I might miss out on this- well the first one was such fun- so I started to get myself signed up, and was filling in the form, and suddenly I realised, help, I am off on holiday sometime- as I was for the first one! Check dates, and sigh with relief. I will be back.

It would not be a disaster if I was away, as I have folk who can post for me, if needed, but so much better to do it myself! so I went ahead and did it!

Form in, and await the necessary email to agree I was in...

Then to qualify, a mosaic had to be done. There is a strict time frame this round, so, being forgetful, it had to be done as soon as I received that email, to say I was in!

My Mosaic?

Ok, I got the same picture twice, but It conveys the mood, so, although it was accidental, it was serendipitous.

This round we all make the identical item.

This identical item.
But of course, made to match our partners secret and hidden desires.

And this time it is limited to 75 participants. Though I think they would have had several hundred if they hadn't had to close the sign up after only a few hours!
So, it looks like I made the cut. And lots of bloggy friends are in too. One or two missed out, which is a shame, but Hadley, Susan and Cindy can only do so much, and decided to try to make the group a little more managable this time.

As we already know what the bag is to be, I thought I should put pictures in my mosaic, of things that make me happy! So just one bag went in, and the rest is just for fun!

And what better way to spend a wet, rainy Monday evening, after work, than saying thank you to our swap mamas, with a cup of tea, a homemade biscuit (cherry and walnut) and a Genny cat on the knee, helping with the spellings!


Di said...

Have fun with round 2. Di x

Diane-crewe said...

well done ... that was some speed you showed to get "in" lol x

cheeky monkey said...

Isn't it great to be in? I love it so much! also both tasks done and relax now for the final email with the partners name .. till than just be mouthy and cheeky :D

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