Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Applique as fun?

I have had a wonderful time. I was getting withdrawal symptoms, too long with my machine away, so my favourite husband brought her down for me and I got on with block 21.
A lot of thought went into this one. We were told to use whichever method we fancied, and produce a piece of applique, but it must have an inward point, and an outward point. Obvious example being a heart, or petals on certain flowers, but there is a lot of choice, as you can go in any direction. So I looked at all sorts. There were the free patterns online. A lovely tutorial here, and several books at home. I was absolutely into floral. Pretty tulips, or perhaps poppies, but shortage of red fabrics kind of put me off. So where does one go after that?

Well, this is where I went.
and then here, and I ended up with something quite
different from what I had thought.

Something a bit like this, with beads added for eyes, and some finishing embroidery to mark out the gill covers. I think it still needs a little something, but I am thinking about that one too.

And now I have to tidy up again. Back to real life tomorrow, full day at work, and I need the house tidy for the weekend.

Sadly, DD2 has now gone down with the sicky bug that is doing the rounds, and is lying poorly in bed, my parents oven has gone pop, so they cannot cook, so the resupply team is heading over tonight, though I cannot abandon DD2, so I am not sure who is staying to look after her. One of us will, (and happily) but my parents will be disappointed.
I am waiting for the third disaster. Hmm.


Pat said...

Oh, I like fish! Great job! Hope DD2 feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

Your fish and seaweed look wonderful! I could not live without my oven! Healing wishes sent your way! Kim C

claudia becker said...

I loved your block, I'm thinking of a dolphin to do mine, I am a little slow with it:)


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