Monday, 26 December 2011

Block 21

I hope everyone had a lovely and reasonably peaceful Christmas Day, whatever your affiliations. It was a quietand comfortab;e day here, with all three of my children , now of course, really young adults, saying they have been thoroughly spoilt, I got a few things I wanted as well- have you seen Ginger Giraffe, half way down the page, I know she is a cheat make, but I love her- a new cutting mat appeared, my current one is 20 years old and has the scars to prove it, the markings are disappearing, so a new one was in order. a lovely bookfor applique and folded flowers, oh you know the score.
And the handbags went down a treat, both girls seem very pleased, elder daughter tells me she will blog about hers, so I think she must be very pleased, and I know younger daughter is pleased, even though she saw them being made. here is the first one, with not a very clear shot, but a slip pocket and a phone pocket, and I put in a key tag, but couldn't get a swivel clip to attach. Now I know what it is called, thank you, Hadley, for the information!So I shall have to acquire some and add this on as an extra, late.

The other bag was the third one I have made, The first was for a PIF  back in September. Only one person actually volunteered to join in, and they have been poorly, so not said anything bloggy about their stuff for a while, hopefully they are getting a bit better, so after the fuss dies down, I will show what I sent, but, there are still a couple of possible places if anyone can be bothered. (no, don't be offended, Cayt, I didn't think you wanted to join, you have enough on your plate, and just wanted to comment on the cows!)

My younger daughters bag, in among the dross of sewing frantically, is this lovely sagey green. The zip pocket in the back worked beautifully due to a tutorial here, and I made basically the same bag for each of them, but DD2's bag is deeper and less wide than DD1. The shoulder straps are a good length for putting over your shoulder and clutching the bag under your arm. both bags are made with a furniture suede outer, and lined in a variety of 'craft cotton' all bought by weight from that money sink, Abakhan. I could always spend a fortune when I go there.

here is a construction image, showing where not to place your magnetic closure, if placed here, the flap does not cover the opening...
 However, if you move the flap you can add a cute little motif,to cover your mistake. It would have been easier to accomplish this, had I realised before I finished the top edge of the bag, but perhaps a better lesson learned this way?

And there is one divider in this bag, with a zip closure. NowI have to make one for me too!
And my Dad didn't believe I had made them!
And my son has requested a male version, for carrying his book on the tube, so I will have to discuss that with him.

Question. If you make a Kindle cover, will the magnetic closure upset it? would Velcro be more suitable?

I am sure some of you remember Alice happening? I have been given this lovely picture of my little stars, and they have all written messages on the back. The March Hare was made for my own daughter some years ago, and it was good that it came back into use this time.

And I finally got to finishing my hand sewn applique block for Leila's skill builder. I think it looks unloved. This is probably because I did not love doing it.
Next time I am machining! Promise.
The spotty circle was done by the gathering round a template method, and the fourth method, sewing interfacing onto the right side and making a hole to turn through, I thought the worst method for me, as the circles ended up very wonky, and had to be carefully positioned, to hide the wonks.  so that was the two smallest circles, and the overlapping flower was another needle turn version. So that is my finished block.

And I am starting to think about the next block, another applique, but we can do whichever system we choose.

I will try to take a photo of my sewing room, clean and tidy, as it's alternative disguise of a dining room, and very little evidence of sewing there. Machines are away, as we are entertaining my brother and his wife, and my parents later this week, and we always have friends round for New Year, and pull crackers at midnight, because they are TT. It is normally a fun evening, but some extras may be in the mix this year, so I am crossed fingers for that. I am missing the machine already, but needs must.

All for now, the bread is about to beep, and must be dealt with.

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Lucy @ Charm About You said...

The bags are gorgeous! Not at all surprised you've had requests! The pictures are really cute and the block look good, applique still scares me a bit!

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