Sunday, 4 December 2011

Catching up

The trouble with going away, no matter how good for you it is, or how enjoyable, or miserable for that matter, is you get behind on things. And have to catch up.
And it seems to take longer to catch up than if you had just kept up. Especially as the other things do not conveniently go away to let you catch up in peace. Housework- do yourself for a day or two, till I have done the sewing I want to. Not that I am any sort of housewife. Other stuff is so much more interesting. But the dust bunnies do not stop breeding just cos I think they are a bore.

So Leila gave us this next block to do, and we are halfway through the skill builder!
Cicle of geese
Another paper pieced block, beautifully explained, so this time I only got it a little bit wrong and only had to rip out one seam. I do not like paper piecing, but I love the result. I will not make a regular practice of it but I can see I may well use it for a quilt in the near future. The separate quarters are constructed, and then put together to create the block. Very effective, and wouldn't a whole quilt in these look amazing?

So halfway- I have used my house block- these are what I am storing

This weeks block, which I am starting to plan, at a few minutes before 8 in the morning, is the first applique block. This uses good old bondaweb- or whatever equivalent, and I am an old hand at the bondaweb, so I hope this one will just work.. famous last words and over-confidence coming to the fore. It is a simple but effective design, so if I get myself going, there may be a post on that later today.

I am missing the FMQ by Fluffy sheep, I sort of missed the last two, with being away and not too well, so they are waiting to catch up. I must then try to join another group, as the group stuff does make me practice, which can only be good. I am liking the look of the feathers Pat is doing and must have a go. But I have lots of other stuff very high on priorities before this. Attic- I need your christmas decorations Disgorge immediately! Living room You need bottoming for Christmas- the first cards have come in- Kitchen Baking is getting urgent, mince pies will not make themselves.

Back later, I hope.


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Great block! They are all looking so good :) Your to do list at the end made me chuckle! Wouldn't it be great if rooms could actually do those things themselves!

Cayt said...

Ooh, I really like the geese in the circle. Very effective.

It's impressive to see how many you've done - you should be proud of yourself.

(Captcha word is 'playmess'. Seems appropriate!)

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