Thursday, 29 December 2011

mosaic making

Oh my goodness! I didn't know if I could do it at all!
The thing is, there is another amazing giveaway, from Quokka quilts, with Fat Quarter shop, for a whole set of fabrics, making a competition for Bloggers choice. So not as simple as , oh yes, just put your name down. No, this time there is some time to be spent just drooling over fabrics and learning how to put them into, and change which ones are in, a mosaic.
Yes I had a very red face at times. No, I did not (quite) cry with frustration, but with a bit of encouragement from afar (thank you so much, I nearly gave up)I have made up and saved two mosaics. But which to enter, or whether to start again on a completely different tack. I just do not know. And the mosaics were created without benefit of daughters! And why can I not just magic all these fabrics into my house anyway. Not just the mosaic ones, but the very lovely others which could just make their home here?

So what did I do?
First I love purples and blues. Combinations of these, with the relief of a bit of green,are readily found in the batiks section,lovely swirly mixes of colour, bleeding into each other. So as I played and changed things round a bit, the purples disappeared, and the blues into turquoise seemed to come forward. A few fabrics from other sections demanded entry, to give a change in visual texture and weight, so that it would not end up too bland. Lightened up with some plains which felt right.

So that was one.

I also love rich dense jewel colours, and there is this lovely focused print, with blues and greens. And of course amazing rich accompaniments. So which way to turn?

I think I need to go here, with the rich colours and print mosaic.

I could really go to town with this little lot. The yellow picks up a colour in the focus fabric, and there would need to be some very fussy cutting going on, but the intense colours really do it for me.  And should I be very lucky indeed, there will be whole half yards coming along!
But look at what everyone else has been doing. There are some wonderful mosaics put up.
I know a few of you have done your mosaics, and they too are lovely, how you did them so quickly I do not know, but I am enjoying browsing round them too.


Pat said...

Lovely mosaic!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Glad you went with that one!! Love the peacock colours :)

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