Sunday, 11 December 2011


What can I do. I have attached a magnetic fastener in the wrong place. To move it properly I have to take the whole thing apart, cut a new front, and put it all back together. Is there an alternative/ Has anyone managed to get it so very wrong and salvage the situation, without the complete remake?

If so, I would be very grateful for advice on sorting it out. My own fault, third time I have made this bag and I didn't read the instructions this time- I assumed I knew what I was doing!


Janine said...

I've not made this bag so this might be really bad suggestion but I wonder if you could you cut it out carefully, reposition it and do something to cover up the hole. Maybe some appliqué or adding a pocket symmetrically across the bag so it becomes a feature?

On another subject, I thought I followed your blog already but I just popped over and discovered I didn't - so I do now! You make some beautiful things :)

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

I've never made a bag so I'm totally no help, really shouldn't have bothered posting this!! Good luck though :)

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