Monday, 19 December 2011

daughter sewing

What else did I  get up to yesterday?

My DD2 minds two little girls, three days a week, and she decided to make dolls clothes for their Christmas gifts. We have an old Burda pattern for Dolly dungarees and top, so out it came and a delightful set has been made, and the second one cut out and overlocked ready to go. I have had to 'borrow' my other daughters doll, to model these, without asking too, Sorry darling! hope you do not object too much- it is entirely my guilt and responsibility, I will see that Baby Sarah gets her own clothes back on and is back in place before you are next home! Counting down the days now, 5 sleeps and I get that hug! It was just that the other dolls in the house were in the attic, so...

My daughter has sewn the clothes, but I have maintained my supervisory (interfering) role, telling her what to sew, and when. And I get all the satisfaction of a finished result, without the work!
Do you not think that some young lady will be pleased to receive these clothes for her baby? I think they are two lucky lasses to have my daughter dressing their usually naked babies for Christmas!
With luck, she will make the other one while I am at work tomorrow, and I will be able to show off what she has made, with no effort on my part at all!

The dress that Baby Sarah normally wears is thae same fabric as these trews, but she has a pink blouse,  her Mamma made these a few years ago. All good practice for making your own! And she has put these skills to good use since.

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