Monday, 19 December 2011

dolly clothes, take two

Well, yes, she has done the second lot of dolls clothes, with me at work, so no interference at all. The second doll is apparently a little bigger than the first, so she has sized it up, and made it, and it looks great. Ready to look?

Isn't Sarah a little star! And hasn't DD2 done a super job on the outfit.

Sarah manages to fill both outfits, though they are different sizes.
Flower buttons on the little one, hearts on the slightly larger one.
And Sarah is back in her own clothes now, and heading up the stairs to bed!

The two sets, same but different. DD will take these and check they fit while littlest girl is napping, and bigger girl is at school. Then home and wrap, and back Wednesday for leaving with the Mum, and that will be her last day at work until New Year.

Some of us are working up till Christmas Eve.

Yes, OK, some have to work on Christmas Day too, so I shall not complain!

What have you made today? - I have made nothing at all! Another day tomorrow. No, I am at work again- so nothing tomorrow either. Sigh.


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

All work and no sewing can't be good for you! ;)

kristastitched said...

I second Lucy, you must find time to tinker at your machine! Cute doll clothes, (and doll!) my dad made my niece a little doll cradle for Christmas ad I'm making her a little quilt to go in it. Doll stuff is so fun!

Sewandthecity said...

Wow, i love the doll's outfits, how clever is your girl! My daughter is just getting into dolls dressing up so I might have to steal the idea in the new year. Have a lovely relaxing time over Christmas and may your New Year is full of inspiration and creativity.

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