Thursday, 1 December 2011

been away

I have been away. Not all from choice!
First let me moan (mini-moan). I caught a nasty lurgy from my daughter, and after 4 days had to give up and come home from work, and retire to bed. We were off on holiday the next day, so my husband packed for me! and about 4 days later I started to take notice! We were in Thailand, for a special occasion, and it was amazing, and an experience.
We went for 10 days, and got back on Saturday, to find Blogger not behaving. It is still doing strange things- seems to think I want to play tank warfare, when I want to check my settings... Google tells me my account is not recognised- the settings have been reset while I was away and not touching it. Back at work from Monday and my remnant of lurgy is slowly clearing up, but I have a pulled muscle in my ribs and just breahing hurts.

On the plus side I have picked up some lovely bright batiks whilst there, and we saw silk brocade being made, one lovely lady throwing the shuttle,

two ladies either side manipulating the warp threads, and another lady, down below

also manipulating the warp. It takes all four of them to do the job, and produce
this pattern with gold threads. No wonder it is so expensive!

I enjoyed this little side trip!And although I brought a little silk home with me, I didn't bring much, as I wasn't sure what I wanted to make with it.
On the plus side, the Dance school which I was making Alice costumes for have presented me with a picture frame, containing photos of the children wearing the costumes I made, and with lovely messages on the back, from each child. I was so touched, and so pleased to get it. i will now have to find a good place to hang it. They look fabulous. Such a kind thought, by the teachers.

And now, I must get back to some sewing. I am suffering withdrawal from it, and my machine feels positively unloved.

Now, Karen at Lisnaweary Quilts is doing a giveaway, of a go!baby.  so kindly do not go there to put your vote in as there are already far too many of us wanting one!
Oh alright then, you better get across and try to cut me out again! I think it could be a very useful gizmo.


Pat said...

I'm so sorry you weren't feeling great, but it looks like a fabulous trip. I'd love to see the fabric.

Nicky said...

Looks like you had a great trip - hope you are all better now!

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