Sunday, 4 December 2011

Block 19

The first applique block is done. This went so easily, and so smoothly that I almost feel I cheated. I have been using Bondaweb for so many years, that I would be surprised if it did cause a problem though. Ready to look?
Now tell me that doesn't look effective?
I am really coming round to applique blocks. Why do I not mind the waste of backing paper from the bondaweb? I don't know. Logic tells me it is no better than paper piecing, but I really do not mind when it is bondawebbed. Anyway, I am pleased with my result.

Someone asked for a little look at some of the fabric I brought back from holiday, so here are the batiks. I was intrigued, as they are panels, with a variation across the panels. And about two metres of cotton cost about £2.40. or thereabouts. So really I couldn't have not brought some home, at that price, and look

They start in these neat little packets, and you take them out and open them up, I have left it folded in half, so snapped the front and then the back of each,
so you get a contrast panel, and a coordinating section

 The red one is strongly red on the one panel, but richly green on the other end. I can't wait to get a project going with this one.

 And the last one is this,
A wonderful green, going into grey on the other end.

All three are quite different from one another, but I love them.

I also brought home a piece of cotton in emerald green, which has already been passed along, which had elephants worked along one border, in gold. Sadly I cannot take a picture, as it has a new home already. And some other bits which will be presents- so no sneak previews I am afraid.

You like?


Nicky said...

Great applique! Lovely panels - I'm intrigued as to what you will end up doing with them!

Anonymous said...

Yummy,Yummy Block!!! What is this Bond o Web? I do paper piecing, is it kind of like freezer paper? (Hey, I'm from the brown paper sack pattern gang Yikes!) I so love blogging, I am learning so many new things and wonderful products out there as well! Have fun my Friend, Kim

Cayt said...

That looks fantastic! Super effective!

Janine said...

Your panels are fabulous! And I love your block. Do you sew after the bondaweb? And how do find it washes? I (lazily!) tried using something like it to hem school uniforms years ago but I found they always fell down, which put me off it. I'd love to try it for appliqué if I felt more confident about it's staying power and not fraying.

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