Thursday, 28 June 2012

Another one!

I am just back from three days up in Stirling with my daughters and husband. Yes, we went to my elder daughters graduation ceremony, to see her get hit on the head by James Naughtie's hat.  He actually congratulated her by name, I know the name is announced as they start to cross the stage, but I am still somewhat impressed that he does this for several hundred students, one after another. The poor man, he shakes each one by the hand, and bops each lightly on the head! He must have biceps of steel! What a workout.

So are you ready for an overload of pictures? well, a few anyway!

 Proud Dad and daughter,

 With her baby sister

I think it was the plot they had lost....

The ceremony was followed by a reception in another part of the campus, where we were rewarded by seeing oyster catchers flying over, calling 'wheep, wheep' as they went.

The grounds at Stirling are really lovely.

We followed that up by going to Edinburgh to join her other half and family for a celebration meal, to congratulate the pair of them, as both of them achieved Firsts! Michael's was in Philosophy, Kitty's in English.

So proud of them both.

Now, other news

I have been lucky enough to have been invited to join another bee, Now despite feeling that I am already doing quite enough to be going on with, this lovely group of ladies is so friendly, and seem so much fun - I already knew several of them through their blogs, or through other swaps,- I just could not resist! I love the button produced by Sarah, I am not sure how hip I am but does it matter! I am in!
And you should see the other ladies, well, you will, over the next few months, as we get going! They are a lovely gang to be a member of- no I know- that's not English, but there..



Sarah said...

Lovely family celebration - congrats to your daughter on her first - amazing.

PS - I'm not hip either but for Bee we can pretend!

Judith, Belfast said...

Lovely pics! Looks like it was a v.special day! Looking forward to sewing with you this year! Jxo

Judith, Belfast said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Di said...

The graduation sounds as if it was 'a grand day our'. A memory to treasure. As for the hipBees, well you have to be hip or a hippy to be in it! I shall take to wearing flowers in my hair!! Di x

Second Chance Tan said...

Wow - what a special day, you must be feeling very very proud.
So glad we are in the Hipbees together x

Collette said...

what a special occasion fellow bee member! I am not hip at all so you are in good company. I love your daughter's dress! and Firsts! well done to them xxx

Diane-crewe said...

love seeing the pictures of your lovely family...have fun with your Bee x

Sewandthecity said...

Lovely photos and what a very special occasion! Congratulations to your must be so proud!

Catherine said...

am really looking forward to sewing with everyone in the bee over the next 12 months! Brilliant degree results and looks like you had a great day

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