Thursday, 14 June 2012

Hurray, whoopee and dancing on the ceiling!

My gorgeous elder daughter, feisty, clever and just amazing has received some news today. Her degree has been confirmed!

Well, we were hoping for a 2:1, that would have been very nice indeed.

She phoned at lunchtime.

I had to ring her back.

She drew it out,

You know mamma, you said, if I got a 2:1 it would be the first one in this family?


Well you can be very pleased.

You got your 2:1?

well, I am afraid not....

She got a First!

Wonderful, are you surprised I am dancing on the ceiling!

Please, go and see her on her blog and say congratulations for me she is at this address  and I am so proud of her, and so impressed, and I love her very much! But she is a long way from us here, and I cannot get my arms round her for a hug at present!


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Hooray!! :)

cheeky monkey said...

Super! Wohooooo! Congratulation. Hope you can hug her soon

Diane-crewe said...

how fantastic is that!! x

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