Saturday, 2 June 2012

Stash bee, June block, and, I am 100?

Well, There's different.

 Laurel has asked for us to do a faceted design, in plain colours, no patterns, on a black background. This looks fun! You draw a straight line, then create a triangle, or a quadrilateral from it. Then add another, and let it grow, into an almost 3-D shape. Colour in the shapes, in different colours, until you like what you have, then reproduce in fabric. So I had to have a go straight away.

She recommended using freezer paper, but good old greaseproof is what we get in our house, and I drew, traced and cut out, chose fabrics- I don't have much plain stuff, thinks I. Until I looked out what I do have! And I do have quite a bit. Well, some of it had to be acquired to make blocks in other months- yes I did order the Kona white, and put it in a safe place, though where it is hiding now... I shall have to do that long promised turn out... and I had got some for a FMQ project which failed after a couple of weeks, and so I discovered I had, yellow, purple, blue, green, aqua, amethyst and pomegranate, in fact, very nearly a rainbow to play with.

So this is the result. I hope it is what is wanted.
By the time I tackled the second 'crystal' I worked out that it was easiest to draw the sewing line on the back of the fabric, and then pin and sew.

I am also joining Lily's small blog meet-
Lily's Quilts

Now, I have noticed that I am posting my 100th post. It seems to be a tradition in sewing blogs for there to be a giveaway at that marker. But I am very unsure if my taste runs with other folks, so I shall make the offer- and if no-one takes me up on it, I shall understand.

I recently got some Cosmo Cricket 'Salt Air' charms. They are really pretty, and I would be sorry to let these go, but I also hope someone else may do something lovely with them.
I also acquired some bright cheerful spotty FQs. Alternatively, I can make a zippy pouch, if you prefer. They are also fun!

So, if you would like one of these options, tell me which you would like, and why, and, if you have NEVER won anything ( in a blog giveaway) make that a separate entry. Possible two entries.

And I will try to bribe my DD- or one of them- to tell me how to do a random pick. It may be numbers in a hat!

Is that OK ? ish?

I will try to sort this out on Friday of next week, the 7th June, after work so, round 7 o'clock BST.


Cayt said...

I'd love to win the Salt Air charms, but I understand if I'm not eligible for this giveaway. That said, I've never won a blog giveaway.

Archie the wonder dog said...

Congratulations on 100 posts!!!! I love the crystals block - what a great idea!! I have a 'thing' for spots and would love to welcome that stack into my sewing room!!

made by ChrissieD said...

A follow back from Lily's Quilts Small Meet Up - hi! I'm just loving the 3Dness of the faceted block design - the tones and hues of the solid colours make it work so well - something else I want to try out!

Congrats on your 100th post - I've never won a blog giveaway so can this be my entry on that count and I'll tell you why which and why in another comment?

Good to meet you :)

made by ChrissieD said...

Oh dear! Those spotty fat quarters are so me and I'd simply love them but I'm going to go with the Salt Air charms because they'd challenge me more into moving towards new colourways/fabric patterns. Thanks for doing the giveaway :)

Sue Wild said...

Congratulations on your hundredth post and I can see that you like flowery photo opportunities too.

I like the Salt Air collection, especially for the title. When I lived in Yorkshire for a short time I used to visit a place called Saltaire, where Salts Mill is used to display David Hockney's work (though most probably nothing to do with the fabric collection).

I have won before on blog so this'll count as one entry. I'm pleased to meet you on the Blog Meet

LYNN said...

Congrats on 100 post. I would love the Salt air charm pack. Nice job on the blocks for Hive #2. I need to sit down and draw mine.

Karen M said...

Congratulations on 100 posts. I didn't know that I should have hosted a giveaway at that point. My bad. I would love to win the Salt Air charm pack. Thanks for the chance to win.

Barb and Sharon said...

Wow, 100 posts! Congratulations. I think i am up to 46 and i share with my sister. I love the polka dot fabric. I would love to win that.


Barb and Sharon said...

I forgot to add that I have never won a blog give away! Thanks for the chance.


cheeky monkey said...

Dots!!!! I love dots!!! Oh these fabrics are amazing! I just ordered Salt Air for a friend and can't wait to see it.

Oh, silly me: First I should have said CONGRATULATION! 100 blog entries! Party :)

Cayt said...

Oh, I should put in a separate comment that I've never won a blog giveaway. Okay then.And well done for 100 entries, you're much more prolific than I am.

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