Friday, 29 June 2012

Fluffy sheep is doing a competition!

If you head over to Cindy, at Fluffy sheep quiltingyou.
will find that she is hosting, and donating the prize, a competition, to win TWO Yards of Kona solids. She has made it very easy, you make and link in a mosaic, with a collection of solids you would like. So here is my collection for just now.

1. Kona Purple-215x215, 2. Kona Dark Violet-215x215, 3. Kona Papaya-215x215, 4. Kona Eggplant-215x215, 5. Shop button, 6. Kona Tangerine-215x215, 7. kona coal-215x215, 8. Kona ash-215x215, 9. Kona Snow K001-1339-215x215

When I was in Scotland, we visited a couple of fabric shops, and saw some wonderful prints in a most unlikely combination- purple and orange, so with that as a kick off point, I thought I would put together an unlikely and vibrant combination of solids. So here it is! I also 'borrowed' the shop button from her flickr site, I do hope she doesn't mind! So I am now off to try to link it up!

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