Sunday, 10 June 2012

Tired but happy

I am just back from the day at the theatre. I spent all day backstage, helping out, doing quick changes, calming children down and trying not to get in the way.

My flowers and swans looked gorgeous, yes I have some pictures, but without parents permission, do not wish to post- unless I can work out how to crop heads off! Or blur faces. Any one out there offering guidance?

I think I have gone potty! I have signed up for Nicky's frame purse swap, though I have never attempted such a thing before, and, as if I didn't have enough on, I have also signed up for a 'round the world' bee. Could be interesting.

Meantime I have parcels to pack and get posted, and a beckoning bed....
Happy with an early morning finish, though. You can look at that!

 I managed to get the binding finished this morning, before I went off to the theatre. And am I proud of my mitred corners!
No, they are not perfect, but the best I have managed so far, so I am pleased.

 And the rolled up one!

Yes, it is green, I like green, so that works for me! Though I do like other colours too, you know!

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