Thursday, 21 June 2012

Super fast sewing!

So I received the fabric Sunday lunchtime-ish. Skirts all done for Bedtime. So, no I did not have to make them in my sleep. All except the buttons, which went on this evening, ten minutes before collection.
So that just left tops. I had my brief. Little jackets, diagonally striped, Peter pan collars, and puff sleeves. Coming down in little points, like a fancy waistcoat. Simple. Unless the fabric is lengthwise striped, so we are now sewing on the bias.
I think we need to line these with polycotton, for stability. And put facings on the fronts to take the buttons and buttonholes. Puff sleeves- fairly simple. Ok we are off.
But not till Monday evening, after work. So, I sorted out pattern pieces, and cut out one top on Monday evening.This is when you realise what you have failed to allow for. The stripes on the sleeves. Now, I don't know about you, but I generally cut out sleeves on a double layer, so two sleeves are cut at the same time. Not this time though. The stripes have to go in the right direction so they go across the whole thing. Cutting back to back I am unconvinced we are going to get that. So each sleeve and each front is cut individually.

Tuesday got it put together.And because I am fraught, I forget to take photos. So, although the orange one was made first, the green one is the one taken on its own. So All done except the collar.

Wednesday is my day off. So collar first thing, and then three more tops, cut out, with all their linings, interfacing and collars, takes me till lunch. An afternoon spent on the overlocker, and then the rest of the evening on the flatbed, chain stitching- thank goodness I could just use white thread, If I had had to keep changing thread I wouldn't have done it!

And then covered buttons. I got a gizmo for covering buttons, and it is a dream!

No more carefully cutting the right size circle, little running stitch round, etc. Now I just cut a rough square, the right size, put it in the hole, press top down, and trim ends and corners straight across th top, Add the top plate, and cover. Press quickly and you are done. Easy peasy and beautiful!
So twenty covered buttons done in about 15 minutes.

So they are all done and dusted in very short order!

Want a look see?

I hope they tap well enough to warrant such pretty outfits!

Collected tonight, and one happy teacher. Hope they fit....


cheeky monkey said...

Amazing! You have done a pretty good job on these! The teacher has to be happy :)

Diane-crewe said...

awsome xx

Janine said...

These look great! How do you sew so fast?!

Second Chance Tan said...

Oh my goodness, you have done so much amazing sewing for this performance - well done you!

Whoooopie I see you are joining the hipbees - I had hoped you would be involved. I hope things are OK with you, looks like exciting things have been going on. Catch you later x

Richard Healey said...

Wonderful Finnish thank you for linking up to LAFF.

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