Monday, 11 June 2012

garden things

One of my silly little pleasures is to take the phone round the garden, while my daughter is talking to me. It is a small thing, but I can exclaim about the progress and tell her the sillies that are happening, at the time, and not just later and second hand.
So, lurking amongst the strawberries, is this soft, silver grey toadstool, with dainty gills on the outside. I have never seen a fungus quite like this before. It is a lovely fairy fungus, and very pretty.

Speaking of strawberries, someone has been munching, and it is not ME!

But there are some more- I will just have to get there first.

Then just some flower pictures, for fun

This allium is a very soft dainty pale pink in life.

 This rose has migrated around the garden, but just isn't happy in the ground! It loves to be in a pot, but just sulks if I try to plant it properly.

And a last little bit of sewing, if you have got
this far!

This pincushion has a 'proper' name, but I cannot remember what it is. It was fun to make.


Cayt said...

Oh! That is a pretty mushump! I like the allium, too. And the pincushion looks fun, I like the button.

Pieces to Love said...

Lovely garden, and I'm guessing the bunnies have been trying out the berries. Pretty pincushion!

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