Sunday, 17 June 2012


 I volunteered, again. I think I need my head examining! four skirts and tops for next Saturday. With a bit of luck! Fabric arrived late this morning, and four circular skirts are done. Phew. Now I have to come up with the pattern for and make four diagonally striped tops, with puff sleeves, round neck and Peter Pan collar.
Circular skirts I can almost do in my sleep, so get them done first, and if all else fails the girls can have a different top, so we are started anyway. That one theory!

I have also chosen to go in for the frame purse swap. I have never attempted a frame purse. I have made various bags, and ordered the fixings from U handbags, who are very prompt with the service, So, why not use them again, so a yummy parcel arrived through the post, on Friday, containg glue, and three frames. One in gunmetal, one in silver and one in antique bronze. (This one is really rather nice.) They advise special fabric glue, so, being new to the craft, I thought I had better get it.

I won't unwrap them firther till I am ready to play!
All sorts of ideas are spinning round my head, my partner has been very carefully selected for me, by the lovely swap mama, Nicky. She has a restrained taste, but also loves brights. She likes certain detail, but not OTT. I think she is perfect. I just hope she will love what I do- assuming I get to it in a timely fashion! My swap mama will kill me if I don't!

The other silly I have volunteered for- why did I start this lark- 'cos its fun, that's why- is a 'round the world' swap. As we all do starter blocks at the same time and post them on, I have had to come up with a block for this too!

I saw a block I liked, but it was paper pieced. I love paper pieced blocks, but hate the waste of paper. So I tried to work it out, non paper pieced.
It is not quite square, but, overall it worked. And I liked it. I had other ideas, but they didn't quite work when I tried them, so I came back to this one.

Now, when I was ordering something else, online, I couldn't help ordering some plain in 'pomegranite' -have I spelt that right- don't think so, cannot be bothered to check- so I made it again, with minor adjustments, with that as border. Like it even better!

So that will go to my nexty, probably tomorrow. They will make a block, using this as inspiration, whether looking at the fabrics, colours or block style, and then it will pass along further, and hopefully return to me eventually!

I think I bought these fabrics back when we were doing the zippy pouch swap. They were not right for that, but I loved them, and now they are working!

So my most urgent thing is the tops for my dancers, Sorry Nicky, and as soon as they are done I can do my first practice frame purse!

It would be simple if I didn't have to work as well!

Now I need to go and look at what everyone else has been up to, as I have been doing skirts to exclusion of all else.


Pam said...

Love the blocks!!! Kind of looks like an optical illusion with part of the square hidden... cool!!!

Diane-crewe said...

well it will keep you busy... and off the streets ! lol x

Nicky said...

Rachel I have never killed anyone and do not mean to start now! You do sound busy but we know you can do it!

Janine said...

I love that block in pomegranate! I'll look forward to your frame pouches :)

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