Sunday, 24 June 2012


I have been fighting! with a quilt block,The feathered star to be precise!

It has been the hardest one so far, though the next one is up, and promises to be as fiendish.

After Leila had made this block by 'conventional' means another quilter came up with a system for foundation piecing it. I had recently come across the foundation piecing method using freezer paper, where there is much less paper wastage, here and had to give it a go.
It was not the easiest thing I have ever done, in fact, I think it qualifies as the hardest!

 I started by digging out and sorting all my green and whitish scraps. this turned out to be the ideal block to use the tiniest scraps I had hoarded.
 Two sections done, two to go.

I made the sections, three for each quarter, and stitched together, and then laid out, and this is where I got a bit lost in the system. I could see where everything had to go, but getting the precision was a nightmare. In the end I realised the only thing I could do was sew these sections together, leaving a square(ish) hole in the middle and add the centre square later. 

 And I am quite pleased with the finished star. It was a divil of a block to do, though, and I plan NOT to do it again!

In the end I top stitched that centre square into place!

How about the odd garden picture now?
Any takers? 

Gorgeous rich lilies- yes the lily beetles have had a go!
 this salvia, I thought I had lost
 maybe I will get a few of these?
 But I am taking no chances with these! Mr Blackbird, beaks off!
 Penny Lane is very pretty.

And this little pink rambler is prolific!


Nicky said...

Your feathered star looks great!

Cayt said...

I like the feathered star, and the garden looks lovely!

Liz said...

Good job with the feathered star! Maybe I'll try it eventually, but it is really a little bit too far out of my comfort zone!

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