Thursday, 7 June 2012

backing with fleece?

My DD2 bought some pretty green fleece for a project, and, having put together the squares for this quilt top, it occurred to me, I could just do with some of that to back a quilt, rather than wadding and a fabric back. It was just the right colours, and might be extra snuggly.

So, a trip to that fabric temptation shop later, and I have enough to back my top. And a pretty leafy print for a border. So I am about ready to start pinning. And I suspect I want a fairly basic, open quilting on it, so that the snuggle factor is not lost. The squares are all so different, I do not know if I will have to do something different on each one, or if I can come up with something to go across the whole.
And I will do a scrappy binding, using whatever works. I will be glad to see this coming together rather than an overdue WIP!

If any of you have done this fleece thing before, and have any tips? It would be appreciated.


helenjanei said...

I've just bought some fleece to back a baby blanket with (I want it to be nice and soft and snugly to use in the push chair etc) sorry I cam't offer any tips as I've not started yet, but I look forward to seeing what others suggest!

Diane-crewe said...

I love using fleece on the back...esp baby quilts. I find it easy to work with .. just make sure it is "fixed" either spray baste or tack down.. so that it does not move. if its a small quilt I find just ironing will help keep it secure xx Have fun x It makes lovely warm snuggly backing x

cheeky monkey said...

Lovely blanket! I am sure that is really nice on the back.
I did my stained quilt with a blanket on the back but I just did hand quilting. Just a little and I am doing it now on the other one. the blanket still feels cosy but my fingers hurt a lot now!

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